Simple Kitchen Updates on a Dime – DIY Projects for Home

Kitchen updates on a dime For our families, take into consideration our family, think about style and practicality. If you organize events or events regularly then it could be worthwhile investing in some stoneware or glassware for special occasions. Alternatively, if you use the dishes you use for daily consumption purchasing a simple set of meals is the best choice. Remember to factor in color when choosing your dishes. You should pick a color that matches your kitchen’s style and design as well as your color for your paint.
Upgrade Your Refrigerator with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is just one of the many kitchen upgrades for a small cost that you could do to transform your kitchen’s appearance. This is a great method to bring character and a unique look to your kitchen without the need for a large amount of expense. Giving your fridge a makeover by applying chalkboard paint the fridge is not a difficult task to tackle. You can complete it yourself or get a professional to apply the chalkboard paint on your behalf. This is an easy task. There are a few things to consider: pick a chalkboard paint shade that matches your fridge, sheets of paper that cover your floor, tape and paintbrush.

Start by cleaning the refrigerator’s surface with water and mild soap. After cleaning , you can tape everything you don’t intend to let the paint spill into like handles or doorframes. Spread newspapers over your flooring to guard the floor from splashes of paint. By using a brush, you can proceed to apply chalkboard paint on the fridge’s surface. You should ensure that you are brushing with the same direction the grain pattern of the fridge’s stainless steel. It is possible to apply more coats of chalkboard paint, if you’re applying paint over an old layer of paint. Do not forget to let the first coat to dry before proceeding with the second coat. Once the chalkboard paint dried, take the chalkboard from the refrigerator and you’re now ready to work with it. You can use it for drawing pictures, or to write messages with your family.

It’s not simple to supervise any kitchen renovation project. You’ll have a lot to consider and how you can get the work done. Finding kit


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