Planning a College Reunion? Three Tips for Success

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Did you know that, on average, 20% to 30% of your graduating class will come back for a reunion? This statistic will vary from reunion to reunion, though. 50th reunions are statistically the most popular, followed by the 10th and 25th.

If you are planning a college reunion, the details can seem overwhelming. It might have all the planning of a wedding, without the payoff of being the center of attention. Reunions, though, are how we keep in touch with people from our past and see how far everyone has come. If you are part of a college alumni association planning your next event, then here are three tips that might come in handy.

1. College Reunion Themes

One way a lot of planners make celebrations easier is by arranging the event around a theme. Tropical island themes are always popular, a

Why You’ll Regret Missing Your Reunion

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College reunion themes

College alumni associations do more than just ask for money, believe it or not. They’re there to act as a liaison between you and your old school, a bridge to connect you with all of your former classmates. Plus, with the advent of college alumni websites, you can also reconnect with more friends than ever before! College alumni associations help set up college reunions, as well as other important functions.

Upon receiving her college reunion invitation, Gretchen Reuben, a New York Times international best selling author, hesitated about attending. However, she thought about the scientific evidence that showed how people tend to regret things that they don’t do, rather than things that they wind up doing. She wound up having a blast, and enjoyed the special interactions with people whom she hadn’t se

Four Advantages to a Great Alumni Website

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After graduating college, some students are fortunate to already have an internship or job lined up that will set them for a promising career and future. However, many will not be quite so lucky. In order to make sure that every student has the right opportunities upon graduating, many college alumni associations will work to make contacts and set up networks that could prove to be invaluable to recent grads. For the most part, all of that information will be posted on college alumni websites. Because they are loaded with such great information, there are several ways that they can help current, recently graduated students, and passed alumni looking to stay connected.

At the most basic level, great college alumni websites will make it easy for members, students, and college faculty to be able to co

Looking for College Reunion Jokes? Three Tips

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Many of us have a love hate relationship with our college alumni associations. On the one hand, they keep us in touch with our college community. On the other hand, their continual pleas for money can become a bit exasperating. You might have found yourself in charge somehow of running your college reunion, so here are three things that can help you out.

1. College reunion themes

Hopefully, you have already assembled a committee to help you figure out a lot of the details. If you are running low on suggestions, though, tropical island themes are always popular and an easy way to add bright color to your gathering. Other options include having it mascot themed, a Then and Now theme, or a movie theme… just bring in the rented popcorn maker and you have a hit!

2. College reunion jokes

Have a few

Preparing For Your College Reunion Is Important

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College reunion themes

If you loved the school that you graduated from and your college reunion is coming up, there are websites that you can join to help you plan out your reunion. When you want to join a college alumni association, you can find a website that you will be able to find your college’s alumni information. Graduating from a college is a big deal and if you want to help your college raise money, you can work with the alumni association on setting up reunions.

When your college reunion is coming up and you want to make sure that you have the best chance of connecting with all of your high school buddies, you can find a website that lists all the information that you need. Finding the best college alumni websites will provide you with the help that you need to be able to connect with all of your old classmates. Go

Answer a College Reunion Invitation and Relive the Good Old Days

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College reunion invitation

Everyone is so focused on reconnecting and reliving their high school years that college reunions tend to get overlooked. College alumni association groups are making an effort to encourage former college students to gather together and reconnect after they have graduated from college.

The desire to encourage college graduates to reconnect was sparked by a number of college alumni websites. College alumni would gather together on these sites and share old stories, reconnect, and network with each other. This caused many people to wonder why they never got a college reunion invitation. The answer to why they did not get a college reunion invitation was simple; there was never a college reunion to be invited to so no one would be invited.

Over the years as more and more people used these websites to reconnect, people started to consider making a college reunion. Some of the more active members decided to step up and create a college reunion invitation to the entire group. This college reunion invitation was viewed as an open invite and open to anyone who attended the college. However, mostly individuals who attended and graduated from the school responded to the college reunion invitation.

The reception to the college reunion invitation was extremely positive. Multiple college alumni from all over the country would gather to relive their college years. They would also network with other college students and reconnect with old friends. It was viewed as a great way to get everyone together and in the same space.

Today, college reunions are extremely popular. They are almost as popular as high school reunions. In fact, they have become so popular that there are a number of college reunion themes for parties and even a number of college reunion invitation designs that allow schools to customize and personalize the event.

Handling Your College Reunion

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College reunion themes

Is it time for your college reunion? You will surely walk away with several college reunion jokes from the experience, but you do not want to be the punchline. College reunions are a the perfect place to relive your old times with college alumni.

Your college alumni association will inevitably be sending a college reunion invitation in the mail. To improve your chances for enjoyment and not becoming the butt of multiple college reunion jokes, follow a few simple rules.

The biggest thing to remember is that it is not a competition when you finally reconnect with your former classmates. There will some people that have become far more successful than anyone ever would have predicted, and could be college reunion jokes themselves, and there will be some people that are just eking out a living. Regardless of where everyone fits on the “success” spectrum, you will enjoy everyones company far more if you avoid categorizing or competing with others success.

We all that it can be hard not to forget some of the mistakes or less than stellar choices we made in the past. These stories are likely to come through as some of the more forgettable college reunion jokes, but do not be discouraged. Embrace the funny stories that will be told and relive how you tackled life in the past. It may be humbling to return to a college reunion and you will probably be remembered in a good light if you do not get bent out of shape about past stories.

Another way to avoid becoming a player in recurring college reunion jokes is to avoid awkward “liasons”. Everyone probably comes to their reunion with the hope of checking up on a former love or interest. While it is perfectly fine to catch up and reacquaint yourselves, but make sure you are not overdoing it. This is especially true if you attend with a spouse. Make sure you are respectful of their feelings, especially since they may not be familiar with your former classmates.

Planning Your Big College Reunion

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College reunion themes

If you run a college alumni association, or simply one of innumerable college alumni celebrating a college reunion this year, planning ahead is crucial.

For those spearheading the reunion party, perhaps the first decision to make has to do with college reunion themes. In order to choose an appropriate theme, you must be in contact with the other alumni and be sensitive to their hopes and concerns for the reunion, whether it be logistical decisions or merely the overall vibe of the party.

College alumni websites are a great way to bounce ideas of prospective reunion attendees. The last thing you want are disgruntled alumni whose reunion is nothing like they expected. It’s imperative to send out any college reunion invitation many months in advance at the very minimum. Ideally a year or more can give alumni all the time they need to plan their trips for that special 10 year or 25 year reunion, especially considering that many attendees will likely be traveling long distances to be at the party.

The right college reunion themes can set the tone for the entire event, so it’s important to choose a theme that a majority of attendees can be happy with. Perhaps, if it’s a 25 or 50 year reunion, you’ll want something a little more formal. If your college class has had several successful reunions in the past, perhaps you want something a little more fun or outside of the box. The proper venue for the theme you choose is vital to a cohesive reunion. You may want a laid back get together at a classy local restaurant or bar, or you may want to rent a high profile banquet hall, particularly of your graduating class was large.

With any kind of reunion you end up having, plan ahead, and the party is sure to be a success.

College Alumni Stay Connected Long After Graduation

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College alumni

Whether you are a high school senior or a 40 year old who has decided to enroll for the first time, the decision to attend college is life changing. Traditional, right out of high school freshmen are often away from home for the first time. Their community, the friends and family members who have surrounded them their whole lives, has all but vanished.

Even for students who live at home and commute, or for returning students who are working adults who enroll in classes part time, the college classroom brings a new social group. There is a kind of bond that forms among students. They are all, at some point, new to the school. They all go through admissions and orientation, and then of course there are the classes, many of which come complete with midterm and final exams.

No matter how many years have gone by, college alumni feel a connection to their schools and to their classmates. College alumni associations keep the alumni informed of college news and events. Basically, even after you graduate, the college remains a part of your life. You are a student for only a short time, but are college alumni forever.

Former students do not have to wait for a college reunion invitation to catch up with their classmates. College alumni websites allow them to find each other, and are usually grouped by the year of graduation. For married female alumni, the website information might include their maiden names so that their friends who remember them by that name can find them online.

For those who would rather see their former classmates in person, there are still reunions. College alumni are kept up to date on any information about college reunion themes, dates and locations. Thanks to college alumni associations, you never have to lose touch with your college friends.

College Reunion Quotes

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Is your college reunion coming up sometime soon? Are you in charge in any way of pulling the event together, of making a speech sometime during the affair or of coming up with ideas to make the event go off as a successful one? If yes was the answer to any of these questions, you need to research college reunion quotes. This will break the ice if it has been a while since you last saw your former classmates, but it can do much more than that too.

For example, with college reunion quotes plastered across the walls of your reunion, people will have something fun and interesting to talk about as they rekindle their friendships and catch up with old friends. Often, when it has been quite some time since people got together, their lives have changed quite rapidly and they have less in common than they used to. But with college reunion quotes that are quirky, funny and thought provoking, you and your fellow college alumni will have interesting things to say to one another when there are moments of silence.

As another example, college reunion jokes can help keep the mood light at your reunion. Perhaps something not so great occurred in between the last reunion that you had or attended and this one. Or maybe time has passed and you feel time passing you by. Either way, by looking at college reunion quotes and interesting jokes the mood of the event will be kept light rather than reminiscent.

Better yet, by looking at ideas for college reunion quotes you too can uncover cool college reunion themes and other ideas to make the event a success. Perhaps you have been an active member of your college alumni association and now are tasked with making this reunion as successful as possible. To do so, a lot of planning must occur first. Luckily, with lots of cool college reunion quotes and other cool information online, you can put it all together with the click of a few buttons, and no one will be the wiser.

Famous people throughout the ages have come up with great college reunion quotes that will make statements during your event. Just look them up, print them out and hang them up at the reunion or place them on tables, and connect them with the overall theme of your event. Everyone will absolutely love them.