Is Your Boat Dock Shaky? Heres How to Fix It – DIY Home Ideas

The wear and tear may begin making your dock shakey and unstable. It’s not the ideal situation in particular if working on your dock daily basis. If the situation gets too bad, it can even create hazardous conditions for those who travel across the water on your vessel. Below are some suggestions to repair a wobbly dock.

Because of their long legs Docks often be prone to wobble. These legs go deep into the water and ground and could be difficult to access. The installation of a diagonal cross brace across the dock’s legs can keep it from shaking. This will tighten your dock’s legs, and decrease its shaking.

With the cross-braces installed there shouldn’t be problems in docking. Most docks will have this option preinstalled. However, it could loosen or get rusty from exposure to elements over time.

The dock that is shaky can be quickly fixed, prolonging its life and value. If you want to know more details about how to build your dock, check out the video on this link.


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