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Which Type of Preschool Is Best for Your Child?

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Preschool cliffside park nj

It is a truth universally acknowledged by every parent of a toddler: small children are extremely curious about the world around them. Toddlers are naturally driven to learn about everything, asking question ranging from how fish breathe underwater to why eggs are shaped that way. In answering their children’s never-ending questions, parents may feel that their children will be perfectly ready when kindergarten comes. But are they right in believing this?

The implementation of the Common Core Standards in states spanning New Jersey to California has thrown some parents into a tizzy. The nostalgia of their kindergarten days is no more; the bar has been raised. Kindergarten teachers advise parents that new students will transition to school better if they have some experience in key areas. Forewa

Keep Your Career and Watch Your Child Grow

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Childcare in the workplace

Human beings are one of the only mammals that give birth to such underdeveloped young. Many mammals gain the ability to walk and run shortly after birth, and their brains are much closer to the fully developed stage than are humans’ brains at birth. There are several factors that contribute to these differences, but the fact is, that human infants are completely dependent on their parents, and that dependence will in most cases continue for the next 18 years or so. Granted, much of that dependence is also tied in quite tightly with societal constructs after a certain stage, but the fact remains that once a person is parent to a child, their responsibilities multiply, costs of living for the family increase, and life becomes extremely hectic.

Finding a good early learning center f

4 “Soft” Majors and What They can Actually do for you

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Bachelors in communications

There’s been a disturbing amount of buzz lately about how college may or may not “actually” help anyone. We hear a lot about how it’s too expensive, or about how if you major in the wrong thing, you have little to no chance of finding a job. Contrary to popular belief though, getting a bachelors degree almost always pays off. In 2013 for example, fully 89% of Millennials who graduated college were working full time. And while college debt can be exorbitant and a huge problem, not going to college can end up costing you around $500,000 over the course of your life, when you take into consideration average wages lost as a result. Below are a few degrees th

Special Needs Schools and Classrooms for Truly Special Kids

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Learning activities for children with autism

There are many different types of education, and rightly so. Not everyone learns in the same manner, and the more varied the education, the better the chances are that more children are actually learning instead of just going through the motions in order to get through school. And consider the fact that there are many children who do not have the capability to learn in the way that other children do, as a result of learning disabilities or a different physical or chemical makeup. The evolution of special needs programs over time has led to the improved and varied techniques that allow for the most successful education for the wonderful children who learn a little bit differently.

Deciding on the perfect school and the right program

There are, na

Little Known Facts About Autism and Help For Children With Autism

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When people think of children and learning disabilities, they often think that the child is “stupid” or otherwise mentally incapable of “normal” levels of thought. While there may be some cases where that is true, there are many cases where it is not. Autistic children, for example, are often extremely intelligent — their difficulties lie with communicating their thoughts through social and non-verbal cues. In fact, between 0.5% and 10% of people with autism show some kind of unusual ability, like extensive trivia memorization to the rare talents of autistic savants such as the famous “Rain Man.”
What are some signs of autism?
The number of people with autism has increased dramatically since the 1980s