Keep Your Career and Watch Your Child Grow

Childcare in the workplace

Human beings are one of the only mammals that give birth to such underdeveloped young. Many mammals gain the ability to walk and run shortly after birth, and their brains are much closer to the fully developed stage than are humans’ brains at birth. There are several factors that contribute to these differences, but the fact is, that human infants are completely dependent on their parents, and that dependence will in most cases continue for the next 18 years or so. Granted, much of that dependence is also tied in quite tightly with societal constructs after a certain stage, but the fact remains that once a person is parent to a child, their responsibilities multiply, costs of living for the family increase, and life becomes extremely hectic.

Finding a good early learning center for children

One of the most important things a parent can do for their child is to ensure a solid, well-rounded and thorough education, which does not simply mean finding a good school. The entire world is a school for a young child, who is constantly learning and taking in new information at every turn. During those first few years of a person’s life, when that little brain is rapidly developing and growing, that little person has the ability to absorb more new information than he or she ever will be able to do in his or her lifetime again. So finding an early learning center for children that not only offers traditional education that you could expect a school to teach your young one but also seizes every opportunity to embrace teachable moments, might be a bit tricky. Add into the mix the fact that most families need to have two significant incomes to support the family and the lifestyles of the family members, and proper educational childcare can become quite a difficult subject to tackle.

Could corporate childcare be the answer?
When compared to many countries around the world, most American businesses leave quite a bit wanting in the way of maternity leave, and the idea of paternity leave has yet to catch on in most places. Yet between the time that a parent is expected to be back to work, and the time that a child typically begins traditional schooling, there are years that parents must find care for that child while they work. Finding childcare that is cost effective, educational, reliable, and convenient can be nearly impossible. There are times that friends or family members can help out, but providing a good, stable and structured environment for the child is key, and that can be difficult to do when he or she is bouncing around from neighbor to grandma to bored teenager looking to make money during the summer. Many couples can’t afford to let one parent be a stay at home parent, and many don’t want to give up their careers, nor should they have to. Parents in these types of situations can easily see that they need childcare in the workplace.

Finding the perfect early learning center for children at work
There is a growing trend in some places of business that seeks to address this problem. Having quality childcare available in the office puts both the parents’ and the employers minds at ease. The parents can rest easy knowing that their child is being looked out for nearby, and employers don’t have to worry about distracted employees or employees missing work because the babysitter fell through again. Having an onsite early learning center for children can make a potential employer viewed as more desirable to those considering getting a job there, and current employees are less likely to leave. Companies that offer activities for children in the workplace have been proven to hang on to their staff longer, have lower rates of absenteeism, and benefit from increased productivity overall.

Every individual, parent or not, should be able to follow their dream and pursue the career that he or she so desires. Becoming a parent should not limit what a person can do, and having a job should not mean being any less of a parent. It is possible to achieve a good balance.

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