Thinking About Sending Your Child to Private School? Here Are 6 Reasons It Makes Sense

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When you are looking at the educational options for your child, you may struggle with the decision between private and public schools. In some areas, the public schools are excellent. Different children have different needs and for a number of kids, private schools may offer more of what they need to succeed in school and beyond. It has been shown that more kids who go to private schools end up graduating and continuing with their education than kids at public schools. Once you have your private schools list, here are some reasons to send your child to one of those listed schools:

  1. The class size is smaller. This is one of the best things about sending children to one of the schools on your private schools list. This is one of the clear advantages of private schools. Kids who are in classes that are smaller are going to get more attention from their teacher than when there are more students in the class. There are no two ways about it. For some kids, this extra attention is really needed to make sure they can succeed in their academic program. Even kids who do not need the extra attention can benefit from it. Even facilities that are not on the list of top private schools offer classes that are smaller.
  2. Private schools offer better opportunities for academic advancement. It is no state secret that private schools offer challenging and more enriching educational experiences for their students. Part of this is the class size. When teachers have fewer students to worry about, they can tailor some of their plans to the individual needs of the students in their classes. Beyond that, all of the places on your private schools list offer extensive advanced placement classes, extracurricular programs and tutoring. These schools offer more programs to help their students not just get into the universities of their choice but to succeed once they have gotten in.
  3. Private schools attract and retain dedicated and qualified teachers. The Fraser Institute conducted surveys of parents with children in private schools. When asked about how they narrowed down their private schools list, they said that they placed a lot of weight on the dedication and passion of the teachers at the different schools. They looked for instructors who were both passionate about teaching but also about the subjects they taught. Often these teachers also have advanced degrees in their subject area and it comes through in their teaching.
  4. Private schools are very safe. Private schools are known for maintaining the highest standards for respect and discipline at their facilities. Because the ration of staff to students is lower at the places on your private schools list than at the local public schools, it is easier to pay attention to student behavior. Students, teachers and parents often form a stronger bond at the places on your private schools list. This had the effect of cutting down on behavior that could be dangerous for all of the students at the school.
  5. Private schools offer excellent after school programs and extracurricular activities. As important as the academic day is for kids, a well rounded education is one that includes things other than learning reading, writing and arithmetic. Playing sports or an instrument or being involved in various clubs and activities do wonders in keeping kids interested and motivated to continue with their education. Research done at Stanford University has shown that kids who are active in arts programs are more likely to be excited about learning and attend more school. These programs are also a lot like stress release valves to help the kids develop healthy coping and social skills.
  6. Private schools have more resources. It is no secret that private schools can offer students more because they have more at their disposal. They can offer a wider array of programs to help nurture and encourage kids to reach their full potential.

The decision to send your child to a public or private school is a very personal one. A lot of this is determined by the specific needs and talents. If you visit the different public and private schools, you will find the right one.




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