Read This If You are Considering Going Back To School

B.a. in english

Are you looking to finally finish your undergraduate or masters degree, but are not sure where to start? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people every single day are looking into the same decision. Studies show that people who hold college degrees are more likely to work full time and make higher salaries (the average being around $45,000 per year) than those who do not hold college degrees. The benefits of education are, of course, endless, and investing in yourself is always a good investment. Below are just a few of the programs you can choose from:

1. English – Enrolling in an english program to obtain an undergraduate degree is a great idea because the content is so easily translated into careers after graduation. Graduates of english programs can be teachers, technical writers, editors, copywriters, and much more. In addition to having a diversity of careers to choose from, graduates of english programs typically report average starting salaries of anywhere from $35,000-63,500.

2. History – Did you know that at the higher education institutions of this country, eleven percent of students major in history? History degrees are also extremely versatile and allow students to gain a solid foundation in research, writing, and critical thinking. Some career options for those who major in history are: teacher, researcher, archivist, lobbyist, and many more.

3. Education – Education is one of the most popular programs that college students major in each year, and it works really well for those returning to school later in life as well. Education majors have the choice to specialize in early childhood education, k-12, or special education. Teachers are always needed in our country and make a huge difference in the future of our nation with the work that they do.

Today, there are many options for people who are looking to further their education as far as scheduling. There are online and evening programs who cater just to those who work full-time jobs, and many other options. Be sure to ask an advisor about any scholarships that may be available to adult students wanting to continue their education.

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