Continuing Your Education Just Might Save the World

Human development degree

Education is the key to success. It may sound simple, or cliche, but almost any problem can be solved with the right amount of education applied to it. And it is not just about being book smart or solving complicated math equations. Widespread education can eradicate the plagues of our society such as racism, sexism, and bigotry. But people have to be willing to participate, listen, and interact in a way that evolves our society into something better. Until we reach that point as a society, individuals can do their part by always learning, and encouraging others to do the same.

Should you get a masters degree?
There are many different ways to continue your education. Learning definitely does not always happen in a classroom, and many people learn many different ways. You could travel to a different country, immerse yourself in a new culture, study and speak the language, and gain new perspectives as part of your learning experience. You could stay in your hometown and find clubs or groups to join that you don’t have a lot of knowledge about. You could talk to a stranger on the street. Or you could go back to school to get an associate, bachelor, or masters degree. Even better, you could keep educating yourself by doing all of those things and more. But for those considering getting their masters degree, it could be an exciting step that will open many new doors for you down the road.

The significance of adult education
Of course, education starts as soon as a child is born. The moment a new person comes into this world, he or she is learning about the world around them through touch, sight, smell, sounds, and taste. It doesn’t take long to start building on those basics, forming thoughts and ideas and words and sentences. Giving a child a proper education as she or he grows in so important in helping them shape their understanding of the world. But if there is ever a point that we deem it acceptable to stop learning or educating ourselves, we become a part of the problem. So many adults seem to believe that upon reaching adulthood, they have achieved the highest level of learning and can’t be taught anything else. But they are often the ones who perpetuate the toxic ideas that can be combated with education.

Living with an open, sponge-like mind

Taking in as much information as you can, processing and applying it to situations that need a fresh point of view, and finding out how others see things are all marks of one dedicated to learning and to the betterment not only of the self but of the world. And if your process of continued education includes going back to school, there are potentially monetary benefits that you could eventually see as well. Of those who completed college, 83% have stated that getting their degree ended up paying off. On average, an hourly wage for a college graduate is around $32.60. And one report shows the average pay for people with different levels of education, and the numbers do speak for themselves. Those whose highest level of education was completing high school were earning $28,000, those who had been to some college were at $30,000, and workers who had one bachelor degree or more were earning about $45,500. Naturally it would only go up from there, if you decided to go for a masters degree or doctorate.

The power of knowledge is ultimately more valuable than the monetary value of an education. But it doesn’t hurt that working toward a degree can also land you a better paying job. Overall, the main goal is to spread that knowledge, and perhaps one day see the change that this world needs.

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