Why Independent Schools Tend to Be More Successful

Private high school

Parents who send their children to independent schools can help increase the chances that their child will succeed later on in life. Students who attend a private high school have shown to perform better on standardized tests and are more likely to be accepted into a college or university. Students who attend private christian schools or a private day school also show a greater tendency to complete a bachelor degree program or higher in their early twenties.

Independent schools that provide private or christian education also show lowered drug and alcohol abuse in their students as well as lowered violence and bullying rates. Students who attend a Norfolk private school or independent schools have been known to feel safer in their school environment as well as on their way to and from school.

Because these schools have a smaller student body than most public schools, the student teacher ratios are typically smaller, allowing teachers to spend more time working with each student in order to guarantee his or her success. Private schools also tend to be more strict in their graduation policies and have lower tolerance for misconduct.

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