What You Should Know About Laying Mulch Around a Tree – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

p>Mulch is one of the essential elements that plants grow in. It is recommended to place mulch around trees in a particular method. In this post we’ll review what you should know about laying mulch around a tree.

The first thing that you need to know is that mulch shouldn’t be placed at a distance that is too close to the foundation of the tree. Mulch that is too close to the ground may cause diseases. Mulch is a food source for insects when it comes in contact with the bottom of the tree. If you’re putting mulch over the tree be sure you leave at least a couple of inches between the mulch and tree.

Mulch shouldn’t be too bulky. Mulch is excellent for storing the water in, and also for supporting plants. But, if you apply too much mulch you can overload the tree. Make sure you do your homework to figure out the appropriate amount of mulch to cover each tree.


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