What to Include in Your Fall Wedding Flower Arrangements – Family Magazine

Choose a flower that will go with the theme and date of your wedding. Here are some suggestions to guide you to choose the best flower arrangements for your fall wedding.

Weddings in the fall, alternative options to bouquets are popular. A few brides prefer things like wheat or foliage to make their bouquets. It is a common choice for brides who are opting for a more rustic look. It can be used to join your bouquets, instead of ribbon. This is a great way to incorporate the venue within your flower arrangements, if having a barn wedding.

If you want to keep it simple, stick to warmer colors such as yellow red, and orange. This is the reason why sunflowers as well as poppies are perfect for fall wedding floral arrangements. Roses can also be used if the wedding is more formal. It is recommended to use this method to decorate all the flowers in your wedding, including your centerpieces during the reception.

When you are creating the flower design, consult your florist. Be sure to pay attention to this important detail. As with any other aspect of your wedding, be prepared for the flowers. You’ll be sure to get married to a king!


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