Understanding Binocular Vision Disorder – Healthy Lunch

Dizziness, headaches, and neck tension. What exactly is binocular disorder? The condition where the eyes do not work in harmony is called binocular vision disorder. They are forced to work harder than they should and results in overstimulation.

The Trigeminal Nerve, also known as the overstimulated nerve is the cause of neck pain. It runs from your brain to your neck.

Eyes can see different things and you blend them together into one image. Binocular vision disorder is when your eyes can’t relay the information they see in a clear way with your brain. Although your eyes should communicate with your brain continuously There could be some delays.

One solution to this disorder is to purchase neuro-visual glasses. These glasses differ from ordinary glasses. They help improve the function that your eyes perform. These glasses help to keep your eyes active constantly which causes they to work in harmony. Talk to your doctor If you believe you be suffering from binocular vision issues.


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