The Origins of Modern Day Plumbing – Blogging Information

t only does it keep the hygiene of our homes not only does it keep our homes clean, but it also makes our lives a lot more convenient. It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when plumbing didn’t exist, however, we’re going examine the past times. We will be reviewing the history and development of plumbing in this article.

Roger Wakefield In the video “The The History of Plumbing with Roger Wakefield” the fact that plumbing became an art around 10,200 B.C. through the development of wells. Roger continues to state that in the year 312 B.C. The Romans constructed an aqueduct to transport the flow of sewage. The Romans constructed the first public bathroom in the same year.

In the medieval era, chamber pots were prevalent in many houses. Roger explains that the streets had a drainage system, making it so that people would discard their sewage in the streets and eventually it would be washed out.

In 1952, plastic pipes, or PVC were introduced to plumbing in America. This is vital to be aware of as PVC is still the most commonly used material in plumbing today it’s not just for residential plumbing but also commercial plumbing.


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