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AC Services

Air conditioners that cost $4400 to $8000 are usually cost-effective. Among the options are the TRANE XR13 or XL16. They’re single-stage cooling systems and can be used to cool homes but not their most effective. They’re a good fit for people with low energy cost who doesn’t care about saving energy through increased efficiency.

Mid-range air conditioners range from $6200-$9500. The most popular are TRANE the XR17 and XL18. Two-stage cooling can provide more stable temperatures for your home. They’re ideal for those seeking energy savings over a long-term duration. Entry-level air conditioners work best for those who don’t intend for living in your home for a long time.

The range of prices for premium AC units is from $8200 up to $13000. The most expensive AC systems include the TRANE models XV18 and XV20. They feature variable speed cooling that allows for the highest efficacy and are the most stable temperatures throughout the home.

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