How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work? – Andre Blog

ner. There are solutions for this problem. This video will explain scalp micropigmentation as an efficient method to make the appearance of thicker hair.

Scalp micropigmentation can be an intriguing procedure because it’s not actually growing hair fresh or take away existing hair. It is a way to appear like you have more hair by diminishing the reflectivity of your scalp’s hair in areas of balding. This is accomplished by placing many tiny ink dots on the scalp. These dots look like hair follicles in nature and make the areas which are hairless appear smaller. Similar to tattooing your head using hair follicles. However, they’re not permanent. This result can be expected to last from five to 10-years.

The process of micropigmentation on the scalp could take many hours. Because each ink spot must be applied one by one and it could take some time. This will require multiple times before you can complete this entire procedure. The results are evident.


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