How Do I Install LED Recessed Ceiling Lights? – Home Renovation and Remodeling Digest

Perhaps you’ve seen images on the internet of people sporting led recessed ceiling lighting and wondered about it as well. Well, here’s the tutorial you need to make it happen. The Youtube video “How to Install Recessed Lights – Easy DIY LED Install” contains all the necessary information so you can have the light you desire without spending too much. Find out more!

A lot of people believe changing their ceiling lighting is an overwhelming task, however there’s no need to be. The original space, one that was a kitchen, featured the LED light fixture, which was large and simple to remove to allow for the LED recessed ceiling lights. What you want are 12-watt slim recessed lights, that come in packs of two with four junction boxes per. You also want to choose the color of 4,000K as it will create a cooler result in the same zone.

Now, it’s time to determine the measurements for the space. The location where the lights will be put in must be three dimensions: length, width as well as the depth. Input those details onto the website for recessed lighting, and it will tell you exactly where each light needs to be placed.

If you want to know more about lighting for ceilings with LEDs You can watch the remaining portion of the video.


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