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The window has not been damaged. If you’re experiencing high energy bills, perhaps the next step is to a window repair service. As per the Department of Energy, your old windows are likely to be responsible for 25-30 percent of your home’s consumption of energy for cooling and heating.
An energy audit can be a great way to reduce window energy consumption. As per Home Advisor, if you determine that new windows are necessary, the estimated cost for new windows would be $850 for each window. In the event that all needs to be repaired, the average cost of repairing windows is $358, according to Angi.com.
Vinyl windows are an excellent replacement choice because they’re extremely energy-efficient and stylish. According to Forbes.com The most effective brand new double-hung windows are priced between $500 and $950. If you’re in need of other options for replacing your windows you can search “cheap home windows near me” for a start on window shopping. If you are interested, please reach us at any time for your window replacement needs. q82pqrg3cs.

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