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you. If you fail to report an accident, the penalties you’ll face are legal in nature and not criminal. You are not likely to risk getting a sentence of imprisonment. The alternative is to be subject to a $30 fee.
The escape from an accident scene

The law may be more severe when it comes to running away from the scene of car crashes without reporting. The act of fleeing from the scene of the crash can be an offense that can be prosecuted. You could be sentenced to jail for this. It is very serious especially if you were in a crash which caused serious injuries or even death.

A hit-and-run crime in Florida can be classified as to be a misdemeanor, or even a felony. The manner in which the charges are classified is based on the specific circumstances of the incident. When you are able to leave the site of a car accident after inflicting property damage but not causing injury, the incident is deemed to be a second degree misdemeanor. The penalty for this crime is up to 60 days imprisonment. A $500 fine could be applied. If you escape the scene of an automobile crash and cause injury to another this case is considered as a third-degree felony. Such cases are punishable by at least five years’ prison. The penalty is up to $5,000. Lastly, a hit and run that involves death is classed as a first-degree felony. It could result in a punishment of 30 years or a $ 10,000 fine.

It is imperative to notify the police in case of a accident by the most effective method of communication possible. The most common method is to call them away from the accident site. If you’ve completed this step, you will have satisfied your responsibility to inform authorities about the accident.

When You Must Provide a Written Report of an Car Crash?

One situation is when you’ll have to write a detailed account of the accident. If you make a call to the police and they fail to examine the incident, you must send a written report to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This process is usually completed within 10 days following an incident.

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