Flushing a Hot Water Heater Step by Step – DIY Projects for Home

Maintenance of a ular water heater

The vast majority of drinking water contains trace amounts minerals, that can lead to sediment accumulation in the water systems. This build-up can be eliminated through proper flushing. Turning off your heater is the very first essential step. Heating the tank with no water is similar to heating a pot without it in the oven. It can lead to the tank to get hot and melt metal. Water heaters made of gas and electricity come with different components for on and off which is why you need to are aware of the type you own and the location of the shut-off. It is also important to check if the water heater has a backflow stopper. This prevents any air from entering through the faucet. This is important because it allows water to flow easily through the channel.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to maintain your water heater. You should research the needs that your unit has. As always, if you’re unsure that you’re able to safely complete a procedure, call an expert in to help you.


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