Corporate Childcare in PA

Pa childcare

A trend that has been gaining in popularity since the mid 1990s is corporate childcare. Corporate childcare falls under the category of childcare in the workplace, or employer sponsored childcare. The idea of corporate daycare came into being because of the increased need for quality childcare for families where both parents work. The need for affordable childcare was increasing while at the same time the availability of high quality day care was decreasing. Add to that fact, that there are more working single parents today, and you can really see the need for the best solutions for PA childcare. Parents who work off hour shifts were also finding it difficult to find appropriate childcare options for odd hours, so corporate childcare came into being. Corporate childcare solves the problem of what to do with your children if you and your spouse work and you can’t find appropriate PA daycare.

The function of corporate childcare facilities is to provide quality care for children while parents work and at the same time provide early childhood education. Corporate daycare can be sponsored by the corporation that the employee works for. Usually, corporate childcare uses an independent contractor to staff their childcare facilities. Independent contractors are able to provide the experience needed in the day to day operations of running a daycare center. Most corporate childcare facilities are open during the normal working hours of the corporation. Some are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week to accommodate the needs of employees with children.

Companies that provide corporate childcare are more desirable to work for if you are an employee with children today. Working Mother’s Magazine lists more than 80 companies in their “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers” that provide some form of corporate childcare. Companies that provide corporate childcare tend to have a higher retention rate than companies that do not provide child care solutions for working mothers today.

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