Collect Your Favorite YouTubers and Characters with This Minecraft Mod – Maine’s Finest

This is the best opportunity as ever to launch the first Private Minecraft server. It’s a fantastic way to have fun with friends. Additionally, you are in complete control over your server and are able to play however you want. You can even add mods to Minecraft, depending on your wish. The video below will highlight some Minecraft mods to consider downloading.

One new mod allows the collection of your favourite YouTubers, characters and YouTubers into FunkoPops. It’s called the Mine-Pop mod also known as FunkoPops, has been made available in Forge. Technoblade and Dream are two of the characters. How the mod works is the players make use of crafting ingredients to construct a container that contains a mysterious character. It is made by coloring an armor stand in a range of hues. Once you have placed down your Mine-Pop, it will be shown which color you’ve got. There are a number of collections to complete ranging across Marvel through Star Wars. All of your family and friends are bound to have fun for many hours with this mod.


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