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Make better choices than other. Roofers may choose to finish a project even if the weather is inconvenient. Watch some of the severe cases in this clip.

The man attempted to pile the shingles onto his deckand move them up to the roof. However, the total weight of the shingles was slightly too much for the deck to handle. He was able to lift the deck from his feet. The deck was not constructed to support the additional weight. It makes one wonder if there was a problem with the deck’s structure. This was a very tragic accident. This next situation was most likely caused by poor choices.

The roof, which was covered in snow, was getting worked on by various contractors. They were employing the ice picks to remove snow from certain areas. They hoped to release some of the snow and push it off the roof. A man started to hack at the snow. Eventually, the entire snow was ripped off simultaneously. Unfortunately, this sent the roofers and two of them down the snow. However, on the plus side, all that snow appeared to ease the fall of the roofers.


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